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RunwayHD for iPad and iPhone is an app designed specifically to help pilots with everything they need to safely plan and fly routes using digitally reproduced ICAO maps and vector overlays to display information that relevant to the situation.


RunwayHD is packed with great features but not so many that pilots are distracted from performing the task at hand: Safe VFR flying


The Airbox enhanced user-interface makes complex route planning second nature; type in an ICAO identifier or airfield name and your destination is set, press and move your route with your finger to avoid airspace. We've rolled planning and navigation into one seamless process.


Simply make your route, check the live NOTAMs and weather, browse the airfield diagrams and fly!

RunwayHD requires any of the following to operate:


iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad or iPad Mini. iPads without 3G connectivity require an external GPS to operate inflight. 3G enhanced devices have an embedded GPS chip whilst those without 3G do not.


When you first download and install RunwayHD you’ll be asked to create a user account. You can skip straight to trialling the software however you won’t be able to purchase charts or activate RunwayHD for full inflight navigation until you’ve created your account.


The app will install with a free area basemap. You can use this for the trial and indeed for every day planning and flying however most of our customers prefer to add extra ICAO maps for their area. These can be purchased directly within the app or by logging onto the Airbox Thundercloud site.




RunwayHD for iPad & iPhone

Other useful tools include a virtual slide rule which gives users distance, estimated time and fuel burn between points. User generated Points of Interest can be created and a range of icons can now be used to represent anything from airfields, turn-points, obstacles, helipads and even golf courses.


Once you've completed your flight you can see a track log of where you've been; RunwayHD logs all your flights giving you a useful record of previous activities.

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You can fly with RunwayHD for as little as 49.99 GBP per year and that includes many features to make your flying as safe and relaxing as possible. Our aims are simple: We want to reduce pilot workload, increase situational awareness and encourage "eyes out of the cockpit" aviation.

  • Ultra fast map panning and zooming

  • Easy pick and place waypoints

  • Multilayered ICAO maps from around the world

  • Ability to add high detail mapping eg Ordnance Survey

  • Ability to add geo-referenced airfield diagrams eg Pooleys

  • Full 3D airspace warnings with frequencies

  • NOTAM display including Enroute NOTAM summary

  • Weather including TAF, METAR, rain radar and winds aloft

  • Side profile showing terrain and airspace ahead

  • Airspace updated in line with AIRAC cycle

  • Comes with Airbox own vector mapping as standard (with decluttering & text rotation)

  • Full integration with Google Earth; Plan with satellite imagery!

  • HAT route boxes display route vital information

  • Add your own geo-referenced documents

  • File flightplans direct from RunwayHD with Rocket Route

  • Add Points of Interest

  • Power Search; find almost any location on Earth, ie place names

  • Route Briefing generator

  • Save, reverse, open and send routes with ease

  • Flight Logging with breadcrumb trail

  • Customisable aircraft icons

  • Virtual ruler with distance, estimated time & fuel burn

  • And much, much more...

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In flight, RunwayHD presents the pilot only with the information vital to their flight. And nothing more than that because Airbox believes in not over featuring its products but instead making systems that don’t confuse or baffle the aviator.


Want to know what the weather is like at your destination airfield? Press on the map and information is there. Enroute NOTAMs? Display them in an instant. Stored routes can be loaded from the system memory, current routes edited in-flight with ease. Instantly generate a printable Route Briefing document from a planned route. It's easy with RunwayHD!

A complete 3D terrain and airspace database is available to give a heads-up on terrain ahead of your current position. RunwayHD will warn pilots of any potential airspace infringements up to five minutes ahead of the aircraft’s current position. All warnings are relative to the aircraft’s flight level and take into consideration whether the aircraft is climbing, descending or drifting towards airspace.


The data that produces the airspace updates is updated every 28 days in accordance with the AIRAC cycle and provided free by Airbox Aerospace for the life of the product. Simply turn on the app and the data downloads instantly.

Geo-referenced Approach plates for airfields (where available) can be quickly accessed showing detailed runway layouts, dimensions and useful information for your destination.


RunwayHD also comes with over 32,000 vector airfields as standard which show layout of runways, taxi ways and hold points.




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In flight

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Download the FREE 30 day trial and install any charts you like at no extra cost!