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RunwayHD for Flying Schools


At Airbox we're committed to improving safety in the air for all pilots and their passengers through enhanced situational awareness in the cockpit and the ability to plan flights with utmost precision using official ICAO mapping.


You can sign up and join our growing list of participating Flying Schools all around the UK, Europe and South Africa either by contacting info@airboxaero.com or calling the office on +44 (0)1235 227250


" RunwayHD is the best way to support a student's well prepared flight plan. A gross error can be easily avoided whilst RunwayHD will provide all the necessary information to ensure simple mistakes don't go unnoticed. "

Hal Colliver, CFI Chiltern Air Sports


" We always teach student pilots to plan and fly safely. RunwayHD adds to this process by helping young pilots visualise NOTAMs along a route, understand TAFs and METARs at departure and destination airfields and familiarise themselves with often complex airspace layouts. "

Gautam Lewis, pilot and founder Freedom In The Air  

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"This year my students and I have flown around the UK through some very tricky airspace, to France, Germany and the Czech Republic. Your system has been incredibly accurate and has not let me down on any occasion.  RunwayHD is quite simply, brilliant! "

Richard Ainsworth-Smith, FI at Fairoaks and Blackbushe

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