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The request for RunwayHD to be available on Android has been on high demand for some time.  Well it is now officially available for you to download onto your Android device from the Google Playstore!  


All of the core features which make RunwayHD iOS such a hit with pilots around the world have been included in our very first version of RunwayHD Android.  Over the coming year we will be updating the app with more features and functions.  


Exisiting customers can use their iOS logins to immediately start enjoying trouble-free flight planning and navigation on their Android devices!  If you are yet to join the growing number of pilots worldwide then click on the button below to get yourself signed up with RunwayHD.

RunwayHD on Android

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Download the FREE 30 day trial and install any charts you like at no extra cost!


You can fly with RunwayHD for as little as 49.99 GBP per year and that includes many features to make your flying as safe and relaxing as possible. Our aims are simple: We want to reduce pilot workload, increase situational awareness and encourage "eyes out of the cockpit" aviation.

  • Grab and drag routes for rapid route planning.

  • Always fly with the chart you are most familiar with. Choices include national aviation (ICAO) charts and privately created charts.

  • Vector charts available free of charge anywhere in the world which declutter as you zoom out and text rotates as you turn.

  • Google Maps in-app integration; perfect for planning approaches.

  • In-flight navigation (requires Navigation/GPS subscription).

  • Make perfect approaches every time with detailed approach plates now available for many countries.

  • Create custom points of interest.

  • Detailed weather displayed on the map (TAF, METAR, rain radar (Europe), winds aloft.

  • Visual NOTAM display and active download.

  • Side profile including airspace and terrain.

  • On-screen ruler for estimating distance and time between points.

  • Scratch pad for writing important information directly onto the iPad.

  • Automatic flight logging including ability to show flown tracks on the map.

  • Dynamic map positioning to show maximum view of way ahead.


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In flight

In flight, RunwayHD presents the pilot with only the information vital to their flight.  And ntohing more than that because Airbox believes in not over featuring its products but instead making systems that don’t confuse or baffle the aviator.


Want to know what the weather is like at your destination airfield? Press on the map and information is there. Enroute NOTAMs? Display them in an instant. Stored routes can be loaded from the system memory, current routes edited in-flight with ease. Instantly generate a printable Route Briefing document from a planned route. It's easy with RunwayHD!

airfieldinfo-475x549 sideprofile2

A complete 3D terrain and airspace database is available to give a heads-up on terrain ahead of your current position. RunwayHD will warn pilots of any potential airspace infringements up to five minutes ahead of the aircraft’s current position. All warnings are relative to the aircraft’s flight level and take into consideration whether the aircraft is climbing, descending or drifting towards airspace.


The data that produces the airspace updates is updated every 28 days in accordance with the AIRAC cycle and provided free by Airbox Aerospace for the life of the product. Simply turn on the app and the data downloads instantly.

Supported Android Devices

RunwayHD has been tested extensively on Samsung products and other popular devices such as the Google Nexus range. Airbox support from Android 4.0.3 up running on major manufacturers hardware such as: HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG, Google & Motorola. Support for other manufacturers devices may be limited.