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Airbox Aviation Maps and more...

Airbox is a provider of advanced aviation mapping services used across the globe by professional and private pilots alike.


We pride ourselves in having access to one of the largest ICAO chart databases in the world from Brazil to Zimbabwe, we can provide official charts for most aviation requirements and if not, we can quickly create our own using official data from the AIP and our map creation software.


Where official ICAO charts are not available or required, Airbox has added its own mapping complete with major roads, waterways, place names, airfields and airspace (where such data is available).


If you require further specialist mapping or non aviation mapping, please get in touch.


Austria – DFS 1:250,000 scale

Belgium – Benelux DFS 1:500,000 scale

Brasil - AIS, CNAV  

Czech Republic – DFS 1:500,000 scale

Denmark – DFS, DTA 1:500,000 scale

France – IGN 1:500,000 scale

Germany – DFS 1:500,000 scale

Hungary – NTA 1:500,000 scale

Luxembourg - DFS 1:500,000 scale

Netherlands - Benelux DFS 1:500,000 scale

Poland – DFS 1:500,000 scale

Switzerland –  DFS 1:500,000 scale

South Africa – 1 Million & 1:500,000 scale

Thailand - ICAO 1:500,000 scale

Ukraine – ICAO 1 Million scale

USA - FAA Sectionals, 250,000 scale, TACs

United Kingdom - ICAO 1:250,000, ICAO 1:500,000 scale, UK Ordnance Survey, London Heliroutes

New Zealand - Airways 1:250,000

Zimbabwe - ICAO


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Aviation Maps available include:

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